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Our TrueGem Lifestyle fashion line has been thoughtfully designed and crafted for the modern woman to express herself, celebrate her life and to hopefully one day pass down someday to  someone special. These designs were born from the hundreds, even thousand of stories that You, our followers, have sent to us about your life and love stories. We‘ve set out to create relevant way for every person to celebrate their own story — in their own way, regardless of marital status.

Today, the market is saturated with everyday fashion jewelry, but ethically sourced, solid gold and platinum pieces are difficult to find, especially pieces that are handcrafted to last the test of time, with the meticulous standards that we insist on at TTG. Our Lifestyle jewelry pieces are designed to be markers worthy of your journey and of your sentiments.

The more you wear a piece of jewelry, the more fond you become of it, not because of the piece itself, but because it has been with you through the good times and the bad, and carries your stories, and it becomes a part of you. It is our hope that these will become the treasured pieces you will love more in twenty years than you do today.

We believe that jewelry should mean more than vanity. Rather than a symbol of status, it could represent: A triumph though hard times. A celebration of life’s accomplishments. Perhaps a symbol of remembrance for a life lost but not forgotten. Finding that silver lining after a time of great darkness. Finally passing the bar after countless nights of studying and sacrifice. These are the stories that matter, and these are the journeys that inspired TTG Lifestyle. 

Your journey is your own; it is your story to tell and should be represented through your personality.  We hope that you find a connection through these designs and even a little encouragement to celebrate your life, the good and bad. Life is worth celebrating!

Cheers, Andy, Lynne, Jordan and Stephen